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Skydiving is the most thrilling and breathtaking ride offered in the world today. We'll get your adrenaline pumping! A tandem skydive is when you get all geared up, get about 30 minutes of training and fly up over 10,000 feet into the blue skies and we throw you out of the airplane! Not really! Well, sort of, if we have to.

Tandem Skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of freefall with as little as 30 minutes of preparation while maintaining a high degree of safety. You and your certified instructor are attached to a tandem parachute system built especially for two people. Every Louisiana AirSports tandem parachute system has an "automatic parachute deployment" safety system installed into the tandem parachute rig.

After you take the big step out of the plane, you will experience freefall for about a minute and then enjoy a 5 to 9 minute parachute ride. You can steer your parachute or let the instructor do it for you. You'll glide gently back to the dropzone for a suprisingly soft landing.

This is an extreme and totally awesome experience and one you'll want to do more than once!  Also an experience you'll LOVE that is usually life-changing!  See our WoW page for some of the testimonials!

We suggest that you get a custom DVD of this jump because you will only have your first jump the first time! A video jumper follows you around and films your experience and we add text and your favorite tunes to it - it's your own movie! You and your friends will watch this DVD over and over and over and over! You can prove you finally did it to all those non-believers and big chickens too! 

Reservations are preferred but sometimes last minute tandems can be arranged.  If you do have a reservation, you'll be sure to get your place in line... Reservations are required for groups of 3 or more.

Email us for reservations now - it's the best way to reach us.
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