Louisiana Skydiving Louisiana Skydive in Louisiana Cajun Country
This is what tandem jumpers had to say...
OMG. No words.  There are literally no words fit to describe yesterday's experience.  Everybody was great.  Even though they're joking around and acting crazy...they all had a way of making us feel completely at ease.  I will admit to about 3 minutes of panic when we passed by the metal buildings an hour before we were supposed to be there.  That plane looked TINY!  lol.  But a few minutes later I thought about jumping again and I was ready to go.  Completely calm...I think it was because I knew someone else was in charge....Carl wants to get down safely so all I had to do was enjoy the ride.  I'm telling you....I could do that everyday for the rest of my life...several times a day  LOL!! 
My dad said he only watched the clouds in the sky...I only watched the ground.  Not everyday I get to see the world looking like a patchwork quilt...everything laid out so pretty and neat....the earth is much more beautiful from that viewpoint.
This is something I've wanted to do for 22 long years...and it was even better than I had imagined.
Thank you, Jerry, Josh and Carl for helping me and my dad fulfill a lifelong dream.  Amazing from beginning to end.                                                               Julie

"These Guys are Great! Great sense of humor. They kept us laughing all day long! Great attitude by all the employees. I have only GREAT things to say about this establishment. As far as the jump it was one of the best things I have ever done! I can now see why people get addicted to this. Awesome experience. I MUST do this again! Thanks Guys :) "

"Totally cool and awesome...EXHILARATING!"

"Made an atheist rejoice in the Divine!"

"I thought the dive was out of this world!"

"Awesome!  Wow!"Melissa

"Definitely something I can't wait to do again!  This was the best graduation present to myself-
nothing I expected at all!Lisa

"Awesome sensation!!!  The freefall?  The float?
The anticipation?  I'm not sure...  I'll have to do it
again until I figure it out!"Christopher

"It was definitely Godly!  Best ride of my life!

"Skydiving is better than sex!Bryce

"The tandem instructor was very professional.
The entire trip down was glorius.  From entrance
of the plane to feet back on the ground, I would
not change a thing!Geneva

"The best rush ever!"     Chris

"This was the greatest experience of my life!
I tried a lot of different highs but this was,
without a doubt, the best!"Joey

"The most awesome rush of my entire life!"

"Thanks for taking me as high as I've ever been!"
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